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Milchi Meets Ember (GigaMaidens + Combat Core) by tokotiger
Milchi Meets Ember (GigaMaidens + Combat Core)
Milchi: "Hello there, pumpkin spice~"

Ember: "Umm... hi? Can I help you...?"


Whew, fully colored at last.

Combat Core is a multiplayer fighting game that's shaping up to be a pretty solid throwback to Power Stone. I've been following this game since its creator Mabmanz posted a thread about it on When I first saw Robaato's character designs for the game and saw Ember among them, I instantly thought of her meeting up with Milchi from my game project, GigaMaidens. I think they'd hit it off pretty well.


Ember designed by :iconrobaato:

Combat Core designed by :iconmabmanz:

Milchi and GigaMaidens belong to me and :iconyilx:

Check out Combat Core on kickstarter.…
GigaMaidens: Milchi by tokotiger
GigaMaidens: Milchi
milchi, the mightiest amazon tiger girl from the islands around the country of tokyo. more powerful than a meteor impact! insatiably hungry for love and prime rib! her hobbies include cooking, cuddling cute things, and flirting with other huge voluptuous women. her cooking skills are second to none!

her gigantic hair is practically its own universe. it has mysterious extradimensional powers, and she hides many things inside it, from enormous cooking utensils to secret clubhouses for lolis. she is playful and sweet almost to a fault, but hidden beneath her eternal kindness is a ferocious motherly instinct that will fight tooth and nail to protect those she loves.

the base lineart for this was drawn by me, then touched up and painted by :iconyilx:

he went to painstaking lengths to get this done for me.
GigaMaidens: Sachi by tokotiger
GigaMaidens: Sachi
Once upon a time, there was a spritely young girl who received a gift of magical superpowers from an oracle taking the form of a small dog. The dog told the girl that she was destined to become a warrior and save the world from evil. That girl grew up to be Ruby Maiden Sachi, one of the most elite and powerful magical girls in the entire Country of Tokyo, and leader of one of its most reputed teams.

Unfortunately, as she quickly learned once she finished school, being a destined warrior of love and justice does not do much to pay the rent. Forced to fight legions of stupid-looking internet fetish monsters and evil gimp-suit wearing transvestites ever since she was a little girl, her disposition gradually wore down to one of intense, jaded bitterness at the world around her. One day she just stopped playing by the rules, and began delivering increasingly violent retributions against her enemies. Her sadism quickly became something of a Tokyoese legend. Although she is feared nationwide for her tremendous power and penchant for violence, she lives a troubled life of poverty and conflict, possessing no valuable job skills since fighting evildoers sidetracked her from getting good grades in school. She juggles perpetual unemployment with her duty to defend herself and the rest of the world from those who would do them harm, which brings her no end of stress.

Despite her abundance of life problems and palpable frustration, she still rises to the call to action every day. Some believe that she's just doing it to relieve stress, others believe that it's all she knows how to do...  but still others believe that she has an iron resolve to fix the world, and that despite her misgivings, her heart is ultimately in the right place.

But it's only a theory.


The main character of GigaMaidens.

Base lineart & character designed by me

Shading/coloring/etc. done by :iconyilx: (thanks)

GigaMaidens (c) 2015 tokotiger and Yilx.


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Bengtzone Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
What do you think of the art design that is sometimes identified to as TimmStyle?
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tokotiger Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I think Bruce Timm's art style is ugly, simplistic and boring. Why?
Bengtzone Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Just curious!
Also, I think a realistic design is better than most other trash shows that is making up the majority of modern time TV series.
tokotiger Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I like stylization but not when it's incompetently done, like with most of today's popular cartoons (Adventure Time and Steven Universe have horrendously ugly art styles).

The problem I have with Timm's art style isn't that it's realistic, it's the fact that literally every single character he draws looks exactly the same. Poison Ivy looks exactly the same as Supergirl who looks exactly the same as Harley Quinn who looks exactly the same as Batgirl. He gives them all the exact same face and body shape with little to differentiate them outside of the clothes they're wearing.
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